Toby Ng

It’s not what I have done, but what I will do next…

Finally! Deadpool Steelbook for me to rewatch over and over again. For those who don't know, Steelbooks are money grabs because the Blu-ray case is in "steel" and may feature a variant cover. Now I have 2... #deadpool #bluray #steelbook #yay


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First weekend back in town was eventful with a Scout reunion dinner on Saturday and a local tournament on Sunday! The tournament went well and Jenna and I managed to win the Open XD event 😁😁😁 Photo credits go to Carmen and Joseph Yeung! 👍 #athletelife #badminton #lifegoeson

At the 99th SFX Scout Group's AGM! They are celebrating their 20th year together and I've been fortunate to be invited to say a few words! It's been too long and I'm glad to be back 😁😁😁

5mm crane challenge from a YouTube video? No problem 😎😎😎 From "Kirashiki Central Hospital - Surgeon Tryouts". I'd love to be a surgeon but the only way I'm getting into medical school is if I donate my body for science after I die 😂😂😂

Almost home... but first, I need to clear security at LAX. Yes, the line up is outside... yes, I'll be here for at least an hour... what's the hold up? No idea. Thank goodness for a 6 hour layover. Can't believe I actually said that. And yes, someone is smoking behind me because we're outside 😰😰😰 #athletelife #cominghome #rionotreal #newbeginnings

Mission Failed: You are erased. Thank you to everyone for your support, not just these past few days, but through the whole Olympic qualification process. I will write a formal blog shortly as I journey back home tomorrow night. All I can say is: I was not good enough this time. I still want to be better, but at what cost? #athletelife #badminton #failed #gameover

#nofilter You can see the humidity... regardless of what happens tonight, I hope nobody gets hurt. Match in about 2 hours. Let's do this! 💪💪💪 #imready