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It’s not what I have done, but what I will do next…


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Got home late last night after a 2 hour delayed flight and get greeted by this mess this morning on my way to the Richmond Oval for a workout. The irony from this incident was that I probably found more change under my seat than what was stolen (<$5). Although my CD wallet was taken (CDs are worth much today... probably even less than the change stolen), I still have the one CD in the car that really mattered (last photo). But the important thing is to learn from the experience, or use it as an opportunity for growth. For someone who needed to do this, they must be under some intense pressure because I'm sure I would be more cooperative if he/she asked me for $20 instead of smashing my car window. Perhaps it's a lesson for us to learn how to ask for help when we need it. But usually, egos get in the way, even to the extent of crime. The opportunity to this obstacle is to practice patience and gratitude. Patience to overcome the situation in its entirety, and gratitude that it could have been worse. Or that I would ever think or act like this person. I'm grateful that the situation doesn't severely impact me and to all the people who helped me learn the process of how to deal with this kind of situation. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm being positive, but rather I think it's being stoic. My car being broken into is out of my control. How I choose to respond to this situation is within my control. I choose to share a story, teach a few lessons, and carry on with more important things in my life. #athletelife #stoiclife #carbreakin #windowsmashed #badminton #theft #stoicism #gratitude #theobstacleistheway

Thank you Yan for playing with me this weekend at the 2018 Ontario Elite Series! We actually partnered up when I put up a post on Facebook the day before the entry deadline. Guess it was a different kind of "Facebook Request" 😏 (Okay, I'll stop now). Much appreciated to those who supported us on our journey from being unseeded in the Round of 64 all the way to the finals, and fairy tale endings don't really exist so we fell just a bit short in the final and finished with a Silver. Definitely grateful to get this far as we had close calls most of the way through, and the level of play seems to be improving very much. I'm just glad to be able to hold my own against people 10 years younger than me. Maybe you'll understand someday 😌 #athletelife #badminton #frequentflyer #clearone #badmintonbc #eliteseries #badmintoncanada

Dear Santa, I would like the following for Christmas: - A new shoulder so I can smash again - ‎5 years of youth... better make that a lucky 7 - ‎The ability to code in Python and R, just those for now I haven't been too naughty, but being nice is boring. Just look at all those nice guys out there. But I would like to express my gratitude for the year: - competing for Canada (still) - ‎entering a Master's degree - ‎bribing my better half to stick around with a sparkly ring - ‎and of course the love and support of my family and friends. Well, I don't really NEED anything from you for Christmas. I can do it on my own because I've been fortunate to connect with so many people along the way. Maybe grant their Christmas wishes instead. Santa, I'm good. I don't need to win anymore, because I've conquered the desire to need to win. #dearsanta #merrychristmas #happyholidays #xmaswish #athletelife #stoiclife #coachlife #badminton

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I hate distractions, and this is a distraction. But this can be a learning lesson. I had so many other things I wanted to say instead of what I wrote, but a wise person told me once to choose my battles. Why do we post content? Usually it's just a form of self expression. I wanted to badminton matches of Canadians back before we could livestream on our phones. I was hoping people would start doing it themselves because I couldn't manage the load of recording everything anymore, so that's why I've largely only recorded my own matches over the past while. I record them mainly for myself to study, and for some of my fans and supporters who want to watch me play. If I really cared about winning/losing, then I would only upload the matches I've won, but I don't. This is a comment recently left on my 2012 All England match against Indonesia. I had to refrain from making some snarky responses because one person doesn't represent all of Indonesia, nor should me and my partner represent all of Canadian badminton. But it's so easy to take it into that direction and make it personal. I've had my share of problems when people take things too personally, so this is a chance for me to practice. Using Stoic philosophy, instead of getting upset, I would respond with "I've played even worse before, so like a 10 year old Indonesian boy maybe". But if you're at the bottom, then you can only get better. Sometimes it's better to have someone actually write something negative because then you're on the right track of producing content. You have to actually produce something for someone to attack. Most of us usually don't produce content because we fear these people. We fear getting mocked for no views, few likes, or negative comments from haters. But that's all in our heads. Don't let imaginary people hold you back. And when you produce real content, don't let anybody hold you back with their negativity. Use it as an opportunity to provide awareness. Kinda like this. #athletelife #socialmedia #trolls #haters #feedback #justdoyourthing #onelove

It's been 5 years since I stepped on court at Wembley Arena to represent Canada at the London Olympics. And... I'm still here, well at least for now. It's nice to know that I had succeeded in the past, but that's not the point. I've proven myself in the past, but I need to prove myself today. Each and every day. I don't feel entitled for what I have achieved, because I have to prove it today. So if I compete and I lose, that's okay. My ego can take it because I have no entitlement. I didn't earn my win. I still play because I still think I can be better, albeit be different than what I used to be. And the fantastic part is that I still enjoy the game. I hope I always will. Badminton is a lifetime sport. But here we are, nearing a transition. Coaching is new and sometimes I feel like I need to start over. However, I'm taking a two-pronged approach: badminton AND coaching science. I've been known to be a disruptor in how I view player development because I do things differently. It's because we're different, so why not maximize our personal strengths, and minimize our weaknesses? And as a coach, I learn as much from my players as they do from me. As long as you have that drive, I can take you to where you need to go, and if I can't help you anymore, I'll have no problem pointing you to someone else. You see, I want to create players that can coach themselves. This isn't just a badminton skill, it's a life skill. Having a coach is like that bit of extra icing on the cake. If you want different results than other people, you need to do things differently. That's what I did. Be the outlier. #athletelife #coachlife #badminton #olympian #traindifferently #youcandoittoo #beevenbetter #flashbackfriday For any Olympian who wants to get this certificate, visit!

Special thanks to Jason (@jasonthephysio) for taking a look at my shoulder and ankle earlier this week! Seems like my poor overhead position may be due to a lack of scapular rotation, due to thoracic spine stiffness... anyway, all I know is that there's a problem which may be causing my rotator cuff to be very irritated. After the session, shoulder flexion improved by 15 degrees which is a great start. Gonna try some of the rehab exercises and go for another visit shortly! Thanks Jason! #athletelife #rehab #myodetox #phyiotherapy #shoulderstuff #rotatorcuffstuff #slowandsteady #consistency

Finally finished this book, which was a surprisingly pleasant read! If you're scared of statistics, then this book is definitely for you. Some good examples with a dash of humour made it a memorable and easy to understand. Also, the book happened to coincide with 4 of my school modules #twobirdswithonestone #mastery #learnmore #readmore #statistics

Had the chance to play my first Badmintology tournament this weekend with Ryan Chow from Alberta (for those who were wondering) and finished 2nd! Special thanks to Wilson and the Badmintology Vancouver staff for organizing the tournament this weekend! The level of play is actually quite impressive and if I can just give players in this circuit one thing to improve on, it's this: don't worry about the outcome. We're all guilty of this sometimes, but if we can minimize this, we can worry less about winning or losing and focus more on playing the game. Ultimately, isn't that the most enjoyable part? We cannot always win, but we can certainly try again. I certainly didn't win, but I'm willing to try again, because ultimately, it's the playing part that I enjoy the most. And it's also much more enjoyable when you can find strong opponents that challenge you to do your best. If you can achieve that, then I think you'll always win in the end. #athletelife #badminton #badmintology #tournament #mastery

I'm probably the guy on the right. Except I wouldn't be holding my head with my arm like that. I would be reclining on my seat with my feet on the table, pleasantly watching all the people in the other line. Because I need to learn to give the truth only when people want it, not when they need it. I need to be less antagonistic and let things happen sometimes. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", but sometimes we need to screw up before we really learn... Because that's what I've learned... The true geniuses learn from other people's mistakes. Why do you think I try to read so much? Yet still, I will err, but for that I will also learn. That is my unpleasant truth for today. #athletelife #tldr #toolongdidntread #thenfuckoff #badminton #unpleasanttruths #comfortinglies #stoicism

Throwback journal entry from 2 years ago, during Olympic Qualifications. Sometimes it's nice to have a gentle reminder of a past insight, having a chance to reapply the principles from the insight, or at least to confirm that you still believe in it. #deepthough #insight #throwback #JourneyApp

Grateful for the opportunity to travel with Rachel Honderich for the last 3 weeks in Europe! 😊 Although we may not have had the results we wanted this time, I know we are heading in the right direction! Though we may not always see eye to eye... #literallywecan #MilkVsCream ... I'm glad we can be open to finding a solution together. As I've not been the best at this in the past (and still now sometimes), I'm happy for the opportunity to learn. I will never be too old to learn... #humble #hungry P.S. Sorry for the ☕ addiction 🙈🙉🙊 #athletelife #studentlife #badminton #YBI17 #2017CzechInternational #OlympicGrind #partnership #coffeeaddicts #sugarqueen #chocolate #belgianwaffles #fantashokata #BadmintonCanada #🏸🇨🇦 #Tokidokiyo Photos 1-4: 🇧🇪 Photos 5-8: 🇨🇿 Photo 9: LHR✈️