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I'm proud to announce that Derrick and I will be making a comeback for Tokyo 2020 after winning the 2019 Washington Open! Feels great to win an international title after 2 years! 😬 I would like to thank my manager, @harrokittie, and training partners, @shoyushome and friends at the Seattle Athletic Club! EDIT: I just found out that there are no points awarded for the Washington Open, so in protest, we have decided to boycott the Olympic run. But be sure to look out for us in 2024 🤪 Thanks to everyone for a wonderful trip in Seattle/Bellevue and it was great to see a thriving badminton scene! We had a great time meeting friends old and new, and I can't wait to be back! I swear, I could almost live down there 😎 P.S. The last picture is for those who take me too seriously 👻 #nomorehashtags

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25 years ago I saw the future. I wonder what I can foresee in the next 25 years? 🤔 March 4, 1994: "If I Was a Professional Sports Star" --- "If I was a professional sports star, I would play badminton. I would play badminton because I have played it for years. I do not think I will make a lot of money, but I will sign autographs for people if they want it. I will not make commercials to make money because I don't like to be on television. I would not play when I think I am too old to play. When I can't play, I will watch other people play badminton instead." [Written at 9 years old] #badminton #throwback #dreambig #giveback

It was a blast coaching at the Canada Winter Games! I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone and I hope you all had a great time. Best of luck to those who are still competing in their upcoming competition and I hope you will all continue to play badminton and enjoy this incredible sport for life! #coachlife #badminton #canadawintergames #teambc #reddeer #weliveforthis #untilnexttime PS. I am quitting Instagram for 30 days 🤪🤪🤪

Extremely proud of these 3 for their performances yesterday! Huge win for Wendy as she has lost to her opponent many times in the past and it was a hard fought match. Awesome win for Antonio to take this prestigious title and I hope he continues this winning streak. Last but not least, congrats to Kylie and Wendy for fighting through to win the WD title when playing together for the first time! ... Special shoutout to Jenna Wong (@jennawongg) for taking good care of the team! And of course, for taking this photo #MRP #mostresponsibleplayer ... And of course, thank you for the rest of the team for their support! Everyone played their part and I'm grateful to work with this amazing team! @goteambc #coachlife #badminton #cwg2019 #gold #teambc #reddeer #congratulations

Always a pleasure to compete and it went pretty well to get a chance to play against Canada's best, partnered also with Canada's best! I'm also grateful to meet my two goals of the tournament: 1) Don't get injured, and 2) Win a medal. It's exciting to see the new teams coming up to win the tournament and I feel that there are still many good players/teams out there. Unfortunately, not everyone can win and congratulations to the winners, but I hope those who may not have performed their best this week continue to push forward as well: maybe your week(s) will show up some other time this year. Don't give up! Lastly, thanks to my partners this week, BR Sankeerth and Michelle Li! I appreciate you partnering with me and covering me (sorry for making both of you dive a few times 😅) and it was fun! Best wishes to both of you in your international competition and sorry for making you play doubles/mixed 🤣 Up next: Canada Winter Games! If it's any consolation, I guess one of the BC coaches just medalled at Nationals. Can't get more legit than that 😎 #thankyou #badminton #2019nationals #Yonex #ClearOne #stilldecent #timetowork #arcsaber10 #goodluck

Happy birthday to my favourite weirdo, says the person wearing matching colour jackets. I usually put more time into posts, but someone wanted a post before midnight. If anything, this is placeholder text, but I'm tired. I guess I'm weird too. Happy birthday Love! 😘 @harrokittie

This great man was there at the beginning of my career and at the end. He was also there for many others before my time, and will be there for those after my time. Last night, Abdul Shaikh was inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame at VLTBC, in front of family, friends, and many people he impacted over the years. Abdul played a role when I started training with my partner at the VLT when I was a U-12 athlete, and also a large part of my NCCP coaching education. I credit him for pushing me to finish my Level 2 Certification at the time, even after I had left it incomplete for more than a year. He has always been at tournaments volunteering and congratulating all the participants, encouraging both winners and losers to continue working hard for the next one. Congratulations to Abdul for this great achievement and I hope he will continuing inspiring people in all the many things he does! I hope I can share your passion for coaching with players in the future and I thank you for all you have done for badminton! (Photo Credit: Joseph Yeung capturing a moment where Abdul congratulated me at the 2018 BBC Awards & AGM, once again!) #AbdulShaikh #HallfofFame #BadmintonCanada #legendary #badminton #coach #athlete #friend #thankyou @badmintoncanada @badminton_images @badminton_bc