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Happy birthday to my favourite weirdo, says the person wearing matching colour jackets. I usually put more time into posts, but someone wanted a post before midnight. If anything, this is placeholder text, but I'm tired. I guess I'm weird too. Happy birthday Love! 😘 @harrokittie

This great man was there at the beginning of my career and at the end. He was also there for many others before my time, and will be there for those after my time. Last night, Abdul Shaikh was inducted into the Badminton Canada Hall of Fame at VLTBC, in front of family, friends, and many people he impacted over the years. Abdul played a role when I started training with my partner at the VLT when I was a U-12 athlete, and also a large part of my NCCP coaching education. I credit him for pushing me to finish my Level 2 Certification at the time, even after I had left it incomplete for more than a year. He has always been at tournaments volunteering and congratulating all the participants, encouraging both winners and losers to continue working hard for the next one. Congratulations to Abdul for this great achievement and I hope he will continuing inspiring people in all the many things he does! I hope I can share your passion for coaching with players in the future and I thank you for all you have done for badminton! (Photo Credit: Joseph Yeung capturing a moment where Abdul congratulated me at the 2018 BBC Awards & AGM, once again!) #AbdulShaikh #HallfofFame #BadmintonCanada #legendary #badminton #coach #athlete #friend #thankyou @badmintoncanada @badminton_images @badminton_bc

Thank you @rbc, @csipacific, and @gameplancanada for hosting a wonderful networking event last night at RBC! It was a great experience to learn from so many people from diverse backgrounds, especially in a "speed networking" context! I definitely need to work on my elevator pitch 😝 One major takeaway for me is that there are so many possibilities out there and that it's okay to be unsure because it leads to new opportunities to explore. Sometimes passion for something comes after trying some new things. It doesn't need to be something to rush into, despite feeling like you are already starting late. Thank you to all the experts and professionals who gave up their time to speak with us! If there is only one other constant (other than death and taxes), is that we need to work with other people, and for that we need to network πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ #GPNetworking #GamePlan #RBC #CSIPacific #badminton #networking #athletetransition #passion #people #amorfati #mementomori

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Note to Self: No more secrets. No more distractions. "The years teach much which the days never know." β€” Ralph Waldo Emerson. It's time to step back and make things happen on your end. "Your goal here must be the oppositeβ€”not only complete acceptance of the Shadow but the desire to integrate it into your present personality." - Robert Greene Be back later. #nts #brb #break #carryon #dontmindme #shadow #allthebest #watching #behindthescenes

Note to Self: Putting in effort into something doesn't necessarily guarantee success, because what is success defined as? Success is often relative to other people in which you succeed where other don't. If we all succeeded, then would that be considered success? Or is it merely something that requires risk for a chance at reward? You were fortunate to be able to compete for so long, not just for a chance to be a professional athlete, but to learn the value of how to develop expertise in a specific domain. Now if you can transfer it into another domain... there is much to do; there is much to learn. #notetoself #nts #reflection #research #success #passion #drive #thoughts #thinkNG

Note to Self: spelling isn't easy. It probably gets harder over time because you don't practice. But today's thought isn't about deliberate practice. What is the purpose of spelling? To communicate something to someone. When you write down a note to yourself, it doesn't really matter because only you are reading it. But when you write to someone else, spelling should matter. If the purpose is to communicate clearly to others, then shouldn't spelling be important? Why is grammar and spelling so important when you write a paper, or even do a resume? Because you communicate a message. Not caring about spelling because you can read it yourself is selfish. Shorthand text is selfish, because it's to save yourself time from writing the whole thing. But in all things, there is a balance, and often times we simply need to try our best with spelling, because the purpose is to communicate well, not spell perfectly. Use your judgement. #nts #notetoself #spelling #whoa #woah #communication #reflection #thoughts #thinkNG

Note to Self: Age is just one number to consider across many factors. In sport, winning with an age group handicap is just that. Always encourage athletes to compete based on ability, and finding people to challenge them constantly. "Short term pain, long term gain" is a well known phrase. Do not consider this as delayed gratification, but rather prevention. Instead of "if I do this now, I get that later," think of it like, "if I don't do this now, I will suffer later." You are likely as loss averse as the next person, so make the right choices today to prevent unhappiness later. #nts #notetoself #talentidentification #talent #talentdevelopment #ageisjustanumber #payitforward #prevention #lossaversion #thinkNG

Thank you Yonex Canada for the coaching gear! Note to Self: It's too easy to take things for granted when you have them, so be grateful because nothing lasts forever. It's not supposed to. If it did, it would be less valuable because it would always be there. Conversely, do not let the fear of losing something prevent you from engagement, whether it be with people, places, or things. There is always a fine balance and you need to find it. #coachlife #badminton #yonex #YonexCanada #2019CWGcoach #sponsored #gear #mementomori #nts #notetoself #reflection #thinkNG

Time for a little project, inspired by Venom, one of my all-time favourite comic characters. Perhaps it was from those 90s Spiderman cartoons πŸ€” The concept is not to project outwards, but rather to project inward, and allow for a window to look inside. Posts will not preach, but rather address a personal reflection on the matter. This is to allow a way to post more content without worrying what other people think, but rather a reflection of how I interpret things. That way nobody is offended and interaction is optional. Let's begin: Note to Self: the best way to disconnect, is to actually disconnect. Instead you are always stuck on the dilemma that your content doesn't matter to most people, but it might matter to a few that could really use your advice. In the end, those who find their way to the top are different, and you have always strived to be one step ahead. So now that you're done, you continue to offer some nuggets of wisdom to the odd observer, and posting is a way of paying it forward. So maybe it does make a difference. Even if it is that one person you spark an "Aha!" moment to. If you want to be the best, by definition, you have to be different. It's okay to be different. Better to be different than basic any day. #notetoself #nts #venom #journal #reflection #talkingtomyself #thoughts #change #thinkNG

"We might never rid ourselves of a lingering anxiety regarding our death; this is a kind of tax we pay in return for self-awareness." πŸ€” Glass half full, or glass half empty? Is there an alternative? Maybe. "There is half a glass of water." It is what it is, neither good nor bad. If "the map is not the territory", then what does it really mean to be happy? Definitely a good book to check out if you are curious. #happy #areyouhappy #derrenbrown #audible #readmore #learnmore #thinkmore #stoicism #NLP

Sometimes I wonder if overcoming the challenge of financial difficulties was what led to my long-term badminton career. Then there were challenges of taking leadership and bridging communications. There was also the challenge of having to take ownership despite everything that happens. Paying for everything makes everything easier, but it's not the same lesson. It's like solving a math problem with no solution manual, versus having the answers in the back of the book already. Collins, MacNamara, & McCarthy (2016). Super Champions, Champions, and Almosts: Important Differences and Commonalities on the Rocky Road. #athletelife #coachlife #sport #expertise #overcomingchallenges #theobstacleistheway #researchpaper #learnmore