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It’s not what I have done, but what I will do next…


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London Day 1! Went to Borough Market, then walked over London Bridge to see the Monument to the Great Fire of London. Then we hiked over to the Tower of London, saw the Tower Bridge and went on a hop on/off bus to tour through the London Eye, Big Ben and other Parliament buildings, before stopping at Trafalgar Square. We then walked through Leicester Square and Chinatown before walking to the London Eye for a bus night tour! Can't wait for tomorrow's activities! 😉😋😉😋😉 Making the most of Carmen's first time in Europe! #athletelife #tourist #london #uk #stepsgoal #noproblem

Who did it better? 😆 Special thanks to @jdubewww for partnering with me this week! Thanks to the tournament organizers at the OCBC, Premier Chiropractic, and all those who helped make the event possible! I'll follow up with more details shortly on my Facebook Page with some match footage (possibly), so stay tuned for that! Thanks to all those who still follow and support me over all these years, you know who you are! I am forever grateful 😁😁😁 #athletelife #badminton #clearone #clearonefearnone #yonex @badmintoncanada Next up: 2017 BWF World Championships in Glasgow! @2017bwc

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Semifinals today at the 2017 🇺🇸 International Series! There are two 🇨🇦 teams left and we are both up against the #legendary Tony Gunawan and his partners! Some of Tony's best results include Olympic Gold in 2000, and winning World's in 2001 & 2005! 😮😮😮 Play begins at 4pm tonight! Special shoutout to Premier Chiropractic for helping us throughout the tournament! #athletelife #badminton #BWF #InternationalSeries #semifinals @badmintoncanada

Fastest tournament exit ever! I see I still get to experience new things 😂 I found a cheap flight to arrive last night and to my surprise, I was scheduled to play at 10:05am. The tournament prospectus said that it was supposed to be Men's Singles from 9:00-1:00pm, but they decided to start at 8:30am and randomize matches throughout the day 😕 Regardless, it was a tough match against 🇦🇺 and it was the first time partnering with Josephine Wu (@jdubewww). The hall was also difficult to play in with the AC, so there were a lot of unfavourable conditions today. But that's just a part of sport and I can't blame any particular factor. Sport is like life in a way, because nothing is fair, and things don't always go according to plan. Everyone wants to win and some are just naturally better equipped to compete. But despite all that, we can only do our best. Sometimes it's just a matter of enduring. Sometimes you can come back, sometimes you can't. In the grand scheme of things, I know a lot of people say, "I just want to play well." Well, for me, I just want to play... while I still can. #athletelife #badminton #2017USOpenGPG #Yonex

Reality: Our PRs are someone else's warm up. Absolutely. Relatively though, I'm happy with what I can get 😊 Chasing a 3x bodyweight trapbar deadlift. 100 lbs more to go. Perhaps I will seek some professional guidance 😛

Made it in from Vancouver this morning for the 2017 Canada Open! Some people think I'm crazy for driving 10 hours, even with the wildfires in BC, but I guess it's part of the badminton grind to save $800. I can only dream of a future where the top Canadian players are supported. I don't blame anyone for this, but myself. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for a decade on the national team, shame on me. #athletelife #badminton #2017CanadaOpen #longhauldrive #10hourreflection #grind #lifegoeson