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Gratitude: Thank you to Coursera for giving me free access to so many wonderful courses because I'm (still) a university student; and thank you @gameplancanada and Queen's University for their partnership in helping athletes attend business programs at Smith School of Business! I've shied away from finance for far too long, though perhaps I've dabbled in it at times (i.e. personal finance), but this course has given me a very good and broad introduction. However, it certainly has helped give perspective to my current finance course at Queen's, and although it has taken more time and effort, it helps to have additional context to what I'm trying to learn. As a coach and educator, continuous learning helps to put me in the perspective of a student, and that gives me an additional level of understanding in how difficult it is to learn something when the purpose of learning it is unclear. Additionally, I enjoy taking ideas from different areas and bringing it back to badminton. Even though it usually doesn't have a significant impact, it is fun to run an experiment to test a hypothesis. I guess I'm also a scientist at heart. There's so much in the world to learn. I just can't understand how some people are so certain of their beliefs. "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." - Stephen Covey. People with low ability at a task overestimate their ability - Dunning-Kruger effect. "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." - Epictetus "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know." - Aristotle (perhaps?) And that is why finance has been interesting: with greater risk, comes greater reward.

Did a mini experiment with different training intervals for badminton, and it appears that shorter training intervals maximize the amount of training. BUT, this is mostly observational and there are many confounding variables we didn't control for, including fatigue. However, it does give some implications on the difference between the European style (short intense sets) vs. Asian style (longer sets) of training. Based on this info, I would like to do shorter sets because feeding a drill is similar to an active rest. Working hard for a short duration, followed by an active rest of the same duration is probably more ideal than a longer duration drill, followed with an equally longer duration active rest. Badminton is pretty much an aerobic-alactic sport, and longer duration drills may put athletes in a different energy system. Also, I could be totally wrong. Oh well 🙈

Summer camps are over, and thank you to all the students I had the chance to work with! I even got a card and my favourite line is: "I like how there's a humorous side of you beneath all the seriousness you show us!" 😐😆 It's been an... "interesting" summer break this year, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to work, especially when I get to do what I love! Coaching may not seem like a real occupation to some (try this: tell your parents you want to be a badminton coach when you grow up and see what happens), but there are many parallels to life through coaching sport. As an athlete, I learned to follow instructions from my coach, but as I progressed, I had to ensure that I was doing the best that could be done with my resources at the time. Of course things could have been better in hindsight, but reflecting on the times of uncertainty and make a best decision is a valuable life lesson that I will continue facing in life. It can be difficult to question your own methods, or even first principles sometimes, but ultimately, you become much better through that experience. So eventually, I found myself transitioning from athlete to coach: now I'm on the prescriptive side. I am fortunate to still be active enough to play, so I can still put these methods and principles into practice. Sometimes the kids ask me, "HoW aRe YoU sO gOoD?". And my reply is usually, "... (silence)" because I'm focusing on the next rally, not making conversation in the middle of a practice game. Lead by example ðŸĪ·ðŸŧ‍♂ïļ Of course, I would like to thank the coaching team I work with, as everyone has been very supportive through this time of uncertainty. As a final takeaway this summer, there are 3 key points I will leave: 1) Character >> Reputation (from John Wooden) 2) It's okay to make mistakes because that's how you learn in this sport (i.e. growth mindset - Carol Dweck) 3) Make the most with what you have + corollary: instead of wanting more, desire less (multiple sources: Stoicism, Buddhism, religion, philosophy, etc.) It's back to school for many (myself included), so please stay safe and stay healthy! 💊

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I'm happy to finally complete the process of earning my Master's at UBC, but I always feel that the degree is just the start to more learning and growth. I have learned so much from this program, but most importantly, I learned that there is so much more to learn. Formal education is just one way to go about it, which often provides a structured environment for learning, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to go through the experience. Thank you to everyone who helped out with my research study and to @badmintoncanada, @badminton_bc ,and @csipacific for their help and support. "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" - Sir Isaac Newton. Thank you to my friends, family, and my wife, Carmen, for the ongoing support, but my greatest gratitude goes toward the sport of badminton and the entire badminton community for being such a heavy influence in my life. One day, I hope to play a part in helping badminton finally get the respect it deserves in this world. #athletelife #coachlife #badmintonlife #badminton #graduation2020 #UBC

Can't wait to put things into practice!

Finally! After a long process, Carmen and I have moved down to Bellevue, Washington for our new jobs! It's a pretty big step for the both of us, but it will just be another adventure together! Special thank you to our friends and family who saw us before we left, especially Team #caroby2019 😁 Also thank you to Darryl and everyone at ClearOne Badminton for a wonderful farewell dinner. I never imagined how sport could have such a tremendous impact in my life, and I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities that came with it. Now it's time to give back and share the benefits of sport through badminton with others! Looking forward to working with the new team at Bellevue Badminton Club! One last shout out to my brother @derrickng21 for letting us crash at his place! Thanks bro! #athletelife #coachlife #badmintonlife #newlife #marriedlife #sportlife #lifelife #stayhealthy #washyourhands #gratitude

The 2020 Nationals was definitely an interesting experience as it has been my 14th consecutive senior Nationals (yes, I'm old). I really can't comment on my playing ability as I've been casually training but I would like to thank my partners, Ryan and Jacqueline, for playing because my singles is pretty embarassing 🙈 It was great to see the level of badminton in Canada improving and it was also nice to connect with so many people who love badminton. Special thanks to the Nichols family for taking me in for the week. I hope everyone continues to train hard and keep improving, and please enjoy the process! This comes from someone playing on borrowed time 😎 Photos by Orlando Athayde! And no, I didn't leave the stove on... this time. #badminton #yonex #nationals #thankyou #amorfati

Thanks to everyone who made 2019 a wonderful year! Biggest moment would have to be tying the knot with @harrokittie but badminton still has such a major role in my life and I think it always will. I've also included my top 12 books I read in 2019 and a link to a blog post can be found in my profile! Happy New Year and wishing everyone a wonderful 2020! #badmintonlife #gratitude #happynewyear2020

Happy birthday to my beloved wife! May you have an enjoyable day and I hope I don't screw it up. Looks like I already have as Instagram deleted my post (but the original is on Facebook). Please forgive me ðŸĪĢ #happybirthday #happywife #happylife

Thank you to the wife for organizing a surprise birthday gathering and everyone who was able to make it out! Special thanks to @mickeyhaha85 and @tania.lam.aves for the Muse! Definitely going to be using it regularly. Thanks to everyone who messaged me today on my birthday but I'm still going in denial that if it's not acknowledged, it doesn't count. Be sure to check out the last picture though, Carmen left a pretty good comment that I couldn't think of a comeback to. I must be getting old 😆

Throwback to my first ever US Open, where I lost in 12 minutes ðŸĪŠ Spent the rest of the time watching badminton and getting autographs 😌 #throwback #winsomelosesome #badminton

Badminton has taught me a lot about partnerships: it's not always a 50/50 split, but often we take turns carrying each other at different times. There's no need to count, because kindness is a real show of strength 💊ðŸŧ Patrick Lencioni wrote that the ideal team player needs to be HUMBLE, HUNGRY, and SMART. I like that, but I would also include STRONG. The big day is coming up, but I think we've long figured it out before. Despite whatever hurdles that come up, I will carry you over them if I must, twirl you around, and still have a smile/smirk on my face 😏 📷 Captured and edited by @_ivoryandgold_ #Caroby2019 #preweddingphotos #humble #hungry #smart #strong #badminton #nofilter