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It’s not what I have done, but what I will do next…


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I'm probably the guy on the right. Except I wouldn't be holding my head with my arm like that. I would be reclining on my seat with my feet on the table, pleasantly watching all the people in the other line. Because I need to learn to give the truth only when people want it, not when they need it. I need to be less antagonistic and let things happen sometimes. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", but sometimes we need to screw up before we really learn... Because that's what I've learned... The true geniuses learn from other people's mistakes. Why do you think I try to read so much? Yet still, I will err, but for that I will also learn. That is my unpleasant truth for today. #athletelife #tldr #toolongdidntread #thenfuckoff #badminton #unpleasanttruths #comfortinglies #stoicism

Throwback journal entry from 2 years ago, during Olympic Qualifications. Sometimes it's nice to have a gentle reminder of a past insight, having a chance to reapply the principles from the insight, or at least to confirm that you still believe in it. #deepthough #insight #throwback #JourneyApp

Grateful for the opportunity to travel with Rachel Honderich for the last 3 weeks in Europe! 😊 Although we may not have had the results we wanted this time, I know we are heading in the right direction! Though we may not always see eye to eye... #literallywecan #MilkVsCream ... I'm glad we can be open to finding a solution together. As I've not been the best at this in the past (and still now sometimes), I'm happy for the opportunity to learn. I will never be too old to learn... #humble #hungry P.S. Sorry for the ☕ addiction 🙈🙉🙊 #athletelife #studentlife #badminton #YBI17 #2017CzechInternational #OlympicGrind #partnership #coffeeaddicts #sugarqueen #chocolate #belgianwaffles #fantashokata #BadmintonCanada #🏸🇨🇦 #Tokidokiyo Photos 1-4: 🇧🇪 Photos 5-8: 🇨🇿 Photo 9: LHR✈️

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Thank you @thomas_stavngaard for a wonderful week in Denmark! It was a great experience getting a taste of Danish badminton, culture, and food (Thomas made a perfect Flæskesteg 😋)! Definitely some good 🏸 concepts to try back at home and even next week at Czech International! Thanks again to Thomas and his wonderful family for having me, and also all the people I've had the opportunity to meet this week! #badminton #athletelife #Denmark #experience #grateful #badmintonlife #Flæskesteg #Brondby #quality #thankyou

Thanks to Thomas, I had the chance to watch my first ever Danish team match! There was a special guest playing as well (Peter Gade) and it's always a pleasure to see some great badminton! Congratulations for Team Gentofte for winning! It was a cool experience and I can't help but wonder if there will ever be the chance to replicate something like that in Canada, or even select regions on the West coast (eg BC, Washington, California). But that's for another time...😉 #badminton #athletelife #denmark #gentofte #teammatch #grateful #thankyou

London Day 1! Went to Borough Market, then walked over London Bridge to see the Monument to the Great Fire of London. Then we hiked over to the Tower of London, saw the Tower Bridge and went on a hop on/off bus to tour through the London Eye, Big Ben and other Parliament buildings, before stopping at Trafalgar Square. We then walked through Leicester Square and Chinatown before walking to the London Eye for a bus night tour! Can't wait for tomorrow's activities! 😉😋😉😋😉 Making the most of Carmen's first time in Europe! #athletelife #tourist #london #uk #stepsgoal #noproblem

Who did it better? 😆 Special thanks to @jdubewww for partnering with me this week! Thanks to the tournament organizers at the OCBC, Premier Chiropractic, and all those who helped make the event possible! I'll follow up with more details shortly on my Facebook Page with some match footage (possibly), so stay tuned for that! Thanks to all those who still follow and support me over all these years, you know who you are! I am forever grateful 😁😁😁 #athletelife #badminton #clearone #clearonefearnone #yonex @badmintoncanada Next up: 2017 BWF World Championships in Glasgow! @2017bwc

Semifinals today at the 2017 🇺🇸 International Series! There are two 🇨🇦 teams left and we are both up against the #legendary Tony Gunawan and his partners! Some of Tony's best results include Olympic Gold in 2000, and winning World's in 2001 & 2005! 😮😮😮 Play begins at 4pm tonight! Special shoutout to Premier Chiropractic for helping us throughout the tournament! #athletelife #badminton #BWF #InternationalSeries #semifinals @badmintoncanada