Badminton has taught me a lot about partnerships: it's not always a 50/50 split, but often we take turns carrying each other at different times. There's no need to count, because kindness is a real show of strength 💪🏻 Patrick Lencioni wrote that the ideal team player needs to be HUMBLE, HUNGRY, and SMART. I like that, but I would also include STRONG. The big day is coming up, but I think we've long figured it out before. Despite whatever hurdles that come up, I will carry you over them if I must, twirl you around, and still have a smile/smirk on my face 😏 📷 Captured and edited by @_ivoryandgold_ #Caroby2019 #preweddingphotos #humble #hungry #smart #strong #badminton #nofilter


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