Thank you @rbc, @csipacific, and @gameplancanada for hosting a wonderful networking event last night at RBC! It was a great experience to learn from so many people from diverse backgrounds, especially in a "speed networking" context! I definitely need to work on my elevator pitch 😝 One major takeaway for me is that there are so many possibilities out there and that it's okay to be unsure because it leads to new opportunities to explore. Sometimes passion for something comes after trying some new things. It doesn't need to be something to rush into, despite feeling like you are already starting late. Thank you to all the experts and professionals who gave up their time to speak with us! If there is only one other constant (other than death and taxes), is that we need to work with other people, and for that we need to network 🙏🙏🙏 #GPNetworking #GamePlan #RBC #CSIPacific #badminton #networking #athletetransition #passion #people #amorfati #mementomori


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