I'm proud to announce that Derrick and I will be making a comeback for Tokyo 2020 after winning the 2019 Washington Open! Feels great to win an international title after 2 years! 😬 I would like to thank my manager, @harrokittie, and training partners, @shoyushome and friends at the Seattle Athletic Club! EDIT: I just found out that there are no points awarded for the Washington Open, so in protest, we have decided to boycott the Olympic run. But be sure to look out for us in 2024 🤪 Thanks to everyone for a wonderful trip in Seattle/Bellevue and it was great to see a thriving badminton scene! We had a great time meeting friends old and new, and I can't wait to be back! I swear, I could almost live down there 😎 P.S. The last picture is for those who take me too seriously 👻 #nomorehashtags


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